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MODEL 7500-9000
High-Accuracy Pressure and Temperature Transmitter

The Model 7500-9000 Series from GP:50 is a high-accuracy pressure and temperature transmitter, offering more than 15 years of field-proven pedigree within subsea wellhead applications. The Series features a robust design with all stainless steel housings and wetted parts, full seawater submersibility to 30K ft (9,144 M) and an API flanged process connection. An optional redundant
sensor provides backup pressure and temperature outputs, in the case of prime element failures or cabling issues. Optional HART communication protocols are available for remote measurements.

Specifications :
  • Provides both pressure and temperature outputs
  • API flanged process connections up to 4-1/16”
  • Seawater submersible to 30K ft (9,144 M)
  • ±0.20% FSO accuracy
  • NIST traceability and calibration
  • Optional HART communications protocol
MODEL 7450
Low Range Aerospace Differential Pressure Transducer

The Model 7450 low range aerospace differential pressure transducer from GP:50 offers high-accuracy, high line. low range measurements with static line pressures to 5,000 PSI. Differential ranges as low as 0-2.5” WCD and a 500 PSI proof pressure are standard on all ranges. A custom subsea rated design allows operation to 23,000 FT SW.

Specifications :
  • Ranges of 2.5” WCD thru 100 PSID (6.9 BAR)
  • Up to 5,000 PSI line pressure option (345 BAR)
  • ±0.1% FSO accuracy
  • True Wet-Wet design
  • High shock and vibration rated per MIL-STD-810F
  • J-001/NASA 8739.3 standard workmanship
  • Subsea rated option
MODEL 7500-M254
ROV Subsea Pressure Transducer

The Model 7500-M254 ROV subsea pressure transducer from GP:50 is designed for use within remote or unmanned vehicles. Its open reference provides for sea depth pressure. When used in a non-conductive fluid bladder, the transducer also provides a gage process pressure. In addition to ROV applications, the compact size and sea rated construction of the 7500-M254 make it ideal for the effective monitoring of subsea oilfield wellhead control systems.

Specifications :
  • Subsea depth rated to 30K ft WC (9,144 meters)
  • Differential design for sea depth reference
  • ±0.2% FSO accuracy
  • Operating ranges to 10K PSI (689 BAR)
MODEL 7540
Subsea Marine Service Differential Pressure Transducer

Specifications :
  • Ranges from 30 thru 7,500 PSID (2 thru 517 BAR)
  • Up to 10K PSI (689 BAR) line and proof pressure
  • Depths to 30K ft WC (9,144 meters)
  • Compact, seawater rated design
  • Manufactured to MIL-spec requirements
  • NIST traceable
  • Optional improved accuracy to ±0.05% FSO (BFSL)
MODEL 7850
Subsea Temperature Transmitter

The rugged Model 7850 Subsea Temperature Transmitter is tested to 30,000 FT sea water. The highly corrosion resistant design meets the tough environmental challenges of offshore oil and gas, Naval and ROV applications.

Specifications :
  • Depth rated to 30K ft WC (9,144 meters)
  • -100 °F to +392 °F (-73 °C to +200 °C) standard medium
  • High accuracy temperature output up to 1% FSO
  • Compact, sea water rated design
  • Up to 0.5 second temperature response time
  • 100 Ω platinum RTD
MODEL 7500
Subsea Pressure Level Transducer

The rugged Model 7500 subsea pressure level transducer from GP:50 is designed to provide accurate measurements to 30,000 FT seawater. Its highly corrosion-resistant design meets the tough environmental challenges of offshore oil and gas, naval and ROV applications. Manufactured and tested to stringent MIL-spec standards the Model 7500 provides years of highly accurate, reliable use.

Specifications :
  • Depth rated to 30K ft WC (9,144 meters)
  • Pressure ranges up to 20K PSI (1,379 BAR)
  • High accuracy 0.3% RSS (0.1% RSS available)
  • Compact, seawater rated design
  • Manufactured to MIL-spec requirements ANSI-Z540-1
  • 316L, Inconel and Hastelloy material options