ELEQ products - Transducers

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ELEQ Intelligent Current Transformer, EM200 Series
Accurate current transformer with integrated transducer, saving time, space and reducing risk of failure
  • Primary current up to 1250A
  • With analogue output 4-20mA, 0-20mA, 0-10V
  • Special model for power measurement

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ELEQ Current Transformer with Integrated Relay, EM300 Series
Current transformer with active, integrated relay ideal for monitoring production processes
  • Primary current from 0.5A up to 100A
  • EM303: with fixed switching point
  • EM305: with adjustable switching point
  • NC or NO contacts

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ELEQ Compact Measuring Transducer, EM400 and EM800 Series
Compact measuring transducer programmable with multiple input and output parameters
  • Suitable for AC and DC measurements
  • Terminals with spring clip technology
  • True RMS (EM800 series)
  • Measuring and auxiliary voltage up to 440V

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